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Imate zanimljiv Blog, koji se bavi sportskim kladjenjem? Prijavite ga ovde!


Our goal is to double your money!


n this bet serviceyou can expect two picks that doubles your money(odds approximately 2:00)

 Recived code lasts until midnight (00:00) same day when is activate.!


For bet service access, it is neccessary to click on the state flag of your country mobile provider and follow the instructions clearly explaned in the near window (as well as the SMS price, which is different for several countries). After that you will recieve SMS with a code for entering the closed part of the web site. You need to enter the code in appropriate space and click OK. The system will automatically transfer you to the landing page. It is very simple to do so and whole procedure lasts less than a 10 sec. During the code entering do pay attention to cap locks because the code has to be correctly entered as received in SMS. Our administrators will add new tips on daily basis. It depends on you how you’ll use the information provided, we suggest that you bet on sigle or double, yet the decision is all yours and of course, bigger the risk better you gain. We again advise to bet responsibly and use only the money which you can afford to loose.

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SUPER DOUBLE subscription...

●►Subscription for SUPER DOUBLE bet service (2 games per day) on a period of 30 days, is 20 euros!
payment options:

Double bet is the simplest of all accumulators as it consists of just two selections, both of which need to be guessed correctly in order to qualify for a return.

Offering higher returns than singles and giving better chances of winning than multi-bet accumulators, double bets or simply doubles are used by a huge number of sports punters these days.

Seeing that the two sets of odds are multiplied by each other, doubles allow you to back two favourites and earn the same returns as if you have placed a single bet on the team that have less than a 40% chance of winning a game.

A player stakes £50 on a double bet consisting of selections with odds of 1.50 (1/2) and 1.40 (2/5). If both selections win, he will earn £50 x 1.50 x 1.40 = £105
 ●►Subscription for PROCENAT PREMIUM servis (4 games per day) on a 30 days period, is 30 euros!
●►Subscription for TOTAL Goal service (3 games per day) on a 30 days period, is 25 euros!
●►Subscription for SUPER Double service (2 games per day) on a 30 days period, is 20 euros!
●►If you decide to use our All sports betting serviceS, we have a special offer for you!
●►30 days, for all bet servis only 50 eur.

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