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How to bet on football for profit

The title may have very well been “how to bet on sports for profit” but since football is the most popular sport we will be concentrating on that.

Even you are already aware of the multiple bet types,various betting systems and you aren’t exactly a novice when it comes to betting on football you will definitely learn a thing or two by reading the entire text.

Unfortunately betting is not an exact science and the final outcome in a football game is influenced by many factors. Not even the weight carried by each factor can be precisely determined. But the good news is that most of the betting experts out-there agree on which those factors are: value, tactics, form, morale, team news, referee, weather and even fans.

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The problem is those factors can change from one week to another and the question “how to bet on football for profit” becomes tricky. A team’s good form can suddenly end without without any sign and this can also affect the morale levels. A coach can all of sudden change tactics or prefer a different set of players according to what he sees in training session. These situations can’t exactly be predicted by the average tipster but they can be foreseen by a betting expert who focuses only on a couple of tournaments and is familiar with the teams and their habits.

Getting to know all teams (tactics, players and so on and so forth) is not that easy and in-fact is extremely time consuming and that is why “the house always wins”….

While the average tipster prefers long shots betting accumulators the professional bettors will target long term profit with single selections based mostly on asian handicap. Accumulators can be played on pennies but at the end of the year the stakes pile up and the total sum can represent quite a significant loss. Why asian handicap? Because those are the best odds and the difference in comparison to European bookmakers can be as high as 10%. Those 10% are in-fact your money going in bookmakers’ pockets regardless if your bets win or lose.



Now it’s time to get familiar with the teams in specific tournament. You have to know the players, their motivation, the chemistry, the tactics, coach’s vision and so on. You have to browse numerous websites (team’s official websites, stats websites, fans forums, etc) for a single team if you want to do a professional job. The problem is people nowadays are working more hours than ever and don’t really have time for anything else, let alone browsing the internet for football related information. This is why most of the picks made by average tipsters are mediocre at most and poorly researched and even poorly written. There is no time to waste nowadays so you’ll be better off taking advice from someone who does this full time, whose job is to research, analyze and pass on the information. If you have no time to waste you should subscribe to PROCENAT PREMIUM service that can serve you daily value bets.

There is however a small betting trick, a betting strategy if you like, that involves live betting (sometimes called inplay betting or betting in running) that everyone can put in practice with only little knowledge about the teams involved. Check the daily games and find a game that is prone to going over 2.5 goals and also has good odds (usually games from France Ligue2, Italy Serie B or even from Bundesliga 2). After a 15 or 20 minutes into the game if there is a fast paced rythm you’ll have odds of around 2.00 for over 2 goals (the 2 goals line means you will have money back if just 2 goals are scored, extra safety). This inplay betting strategy can also be fun as you get to watch the game and feel the thrills. But the best part is yet to come. You can even set-up a bet to be placed when the odds reach a certain level. For example when the odds for over 2 goals reach 1.90 your bet can be placed automatically. This little betting trick can make a huge difference and can assure constant profit with only little research work.

To sum it up, the answer for the “how to bet on football for profit” question is pretty simple. If you are after long term profit you should use PROCENAT PREMIUM bet servis and if you want to do it yourself you should use the betting trick explained above.

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